Gawd it’s been forever since I was on here

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The Hair of Luciano Acuna Jr. Shot by Torain Lewis

:o ….. beautiful…. what?? marry me, please? 
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مآ أجمّل أنْ تصمتْ
فيْ ؤجهْ منْ ينتظرْ منِك الخِصَام 

وما أجمل أنْ تضحك
فيْ وجهْ منْ يُنتظرْ منك البكـاءْ

How beautiful is it to stay silent
When someone expects you to be enraged from them.
And how beautiful it is to laugh
When someone thinks you are going to shed tears.

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Bahamian “Dahnyul” dancing to 2 chainzzzz, TRRUUU
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Ah, Ridding unwanted voices, screaming Into A delicious life. —ME
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Read my words…..
And talk about it.
Sweethearts I want to be the talk of the year.


I miss fucking
Until I felt like my
Body was going
To disperse into
Orgasmic dust
Beneath the stars,
As I moaned,
In sweet agony
At your sexual pursuit
To fuck me
As a man should.

I miss sweet fuckery.


This is my crazy, but gorgeous twin lol
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Canvas  by  andbamnan